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Monday, 29 March 2010 10:52
Youjoomla template framework is very easy to manage or upgrade with your own code snippets. We have separated main layouts and CSS styles in 4 groups and added columns width control in template manager for faster editing. CSS groups are divided in, Joomla Template default ( template.css ) , layouts ( layout.css ) , styles ( style_name.css ) and menus ( menus.css ). This way the complete CSS structure is easy to edit , reconstruct or upgrade. This Joomla templates framework is compatible in all modern browsers as well and is very fast loading.

When browsing template files you can find all template CSS files in sitename/templates/templatename/css folder. Since we use CSS compression for faster load some of you will not be able to read these files.

This is why we added sitename/templates/templatename/css/nocompress folder that contains original uncompressed versions of all CSS files with comments for each property. Please note that our templates by default use CSS files located in templatename/css folder NOT files located in templatename/css/nocompress folder.

If you edit files located in templatename/css/nocompress folder please make sure that you copy the contents of that file and override the contents of same file name located in templates/css folder.

Example: You edit templates/css/nocompress/style1.css file , to see the changes you MUST copy the contents of templates/css/nocompress/style1.css file and override existing content of templates/css/style1.css file. If you wish to compress the file again here is a very reliable online CSS compression tool.

Main stylesheets structure is as follows:

  • yoursitename.com
  • - templates
  • -- template name
  • --- css
  • template.css ( this css file contains default Joomla! css properties )
  • style_name.css ( this css file contains particular style name css properties. Widths , heights and floats are located in layout.css )
  • layout.css ( this css file contains main site layout properties )
  • menus.css ( this css file contains all menus layouts properties that are used in template)
  • style_name.php ( group of these css files is a compressed version of given css stylesheet that is used by server side compression if enabled in template manager )
  • typo.css ( this css file contains main typography layout )
  • editor.css ( this css file contains css properties used by your editor )

Main template structure is devided in 7 php files:

  • yoursitename.com
  • - templates
  • -- template name
  • index.php ( this php file contains main php template structure including tableless xhtml site layout )
  • head.php ( this php file contains main head element code structure including CSS and Javascript files calls )
  • settings.php ( this php file controls template settings and site layout widths )
  • styleswitcher.php ( this php file controls main template style switch functions )
  • --- layouts
  • layout1.php ( this file contains 3 column layout structure , left - mainbody - right )
  • layout2.php ( this file contains 3 column layout structure , mainbody - left - right )
  • layout3.php ( this file contains 3 column layout structure , left - right - mainbody)

Main template images folders structure:

  • yoursitename.com
  • - templates
  • -- template name
  • ---images ( this folder contains default images used trough all template styles )
  • ----typo ( this folder contains default images used for typography styles )
  • ----style_name ( this folder contains images used by particular template style )
  • -----topmenu ( this folder contains images used by particular template style menu )
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